5 magic days in Upper Egypt

posted by Lenny Spangberg @ 11:03 AM

A memorable incentive travel…

A dear friend charged me with the organization of a cruise on the Nile cruise ending with a night at the famous and legendary Winter Palace in Luxor.

32 persons participated in this unique travel: Private sound and light at Philae and Carnac, special opening of tombs of kings and queens usually closed to the public, cruise aboard the Alexander the Great, one of finest vessels on the Nile, ballooning over the Valley of the Kings and Queens, lunch on 4 felucca sailing on the river…

A top-notch speaker Egyptologist captivated during these five days everyone’s interest.

Perfect organization thanks to the effectiveness of a friend of 35 years: Elamy Al Zayat, who owns the agency Emeco, the best agency in Egypt.

A successful trip, wherever it is, depends on the quality of providers who will open the doors at the right time thanks to their privileged relationship with the relevant authorities.

I was fortunate during these past 35 years to build unbreakable bonds with real friends who have proven over time their efficiency and expertise.