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Always on the run…

posted by Lenny Spangberg @ 11:07 AM

In recent months, I have been quite active in many areas such as…

Teaching MICE

I have continued teaching MICE industries at the University of Nice to Master 1 students. Those hours spent with them were extremely rewarding for me!

In April, they will be looking for internships in agencies, hotels or corporation organizing events. Those internships should last at least 4 months. Do not hesitate to contact me, should you have any opportunities.


 Association Andantino

Our association ANDANTINO is always looking for new members. Several events have been organized since the beginning of the year. We have attended a quite unknown but wonderful opera by W.A. MOZART: “Lucio Scilla” written at the age of 16.

International Jumping of Cannes

I am supporting the International Jumping of Cannes taking place on the 10, 11 and 12 of June, one of the 5 most prestigious contests in the world!

The organisation is looking for some additional partners. Should you be interested, please contact me : [email protected] .

Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

For the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix from May 13 to 16, The VILLA REIS yacht will be docked close to the track, some spaces are still available.

Great properties

I have recently experienced some great properties which I would like to recommend:

  • The hotel LANA in COURCHEVEL