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Don Quixote’s honour!

posted by Lenny Spangberg @ 16:17 PM

“My honour is dearer to me than my life!” cried Don Quixote whilst charging at the windmills with his lance…

This handsome Utopian knight travelled across the Iberian Peninsula with the sole intention of defeating evil.

My own adversaries were not so mythical. They fought me bitterly and for a long time putting at risk all that I had built from scratch, all that I wanted to leave to my children. But more importantly, they damaged what was for me, just like for Don Quixote, most important in my life: my honour.

Although this remained unchanged in the eyes of those closest to me, those who continued to believe in me, it was tarnished in the eyes of others for a while.

I have never been able to avoid or remain insensitive to this kind of scrutiny as I have to admit a weakness for being liked and liked by all. The disdain of a single person, whoever that may be, makes me doubt myself.

That is why throughout my life I have tried to be “kind”, to be a man who people like, a man who it is impossible to despise. So do I need to say how much the doubts, the open or hidden critiques, the turned faces, the “friends” laughing at no longer being friends, the formal accusations and the ostracism really hurt me?

I experienced, despite the unfaltering presence of a few faithful friends, a new solitude that I had spent my whole life avoiding. This first withdrawal into myself protected me and allowed me to open my eyes. I started to have doubts about humanity, I read and quoted Machiavelli. And then the pain eased. I gained strength. I got back on my horse ready to charge at my windmills. And I won!

The French judicial system, despite taking a long time, ruled in my favour at the Commercial Court in Antibes and then again at the Court of Appeal in Aix-en-Provence. Finally, after several years, the Court of Appeal returned my broken honour to me with a simple and definitive ruling.

“What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,” cried Nietzsche in Ecce Homo before sinking into madness. His words are surely true, however, I would add, “that which doesn’t kill you damages you and yet it also makes you stronger.” This is the price we pay for the armour we cover our wounds with. This is life!

That which is damaged is repaired. Despite nothing being the same as before. I come out of this stronger, harder, the winner of this fight. I am also relieved and appeased. I am no longer fighting to survive. I have found my thirst for life once more. I intend to travel the world, to discover it again. I will share this joy with you. That is the advantage of a storm, the sunshine when it breaks is blinding.

I thank with all of my heart all those who have loved and supported me. Keep on doing it!

Long live life, love and honour!

Best wishes for 2015!

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LS Consulting wishes you an uplifting 2014!

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LS Consulting wishes you a wonderful year 2013

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September in black suit

posted by Lenny Spangberg @ 10:56 AM

Two very sad  events to be remembered  which changed the World:

  • September 11th , 2001
  • September 15th , 2008

Eleven years have passed since the tragedy of 09/11. Close to 3000 persons died during those terrorist attacks and still think about them constantly specially those who where friends and close relations. Those events have changed the world and our way of living and thinking about people for the rest of our lives!
Yes, the world has changed, the geo-political  situation is still our main concern,  what kind of future are we going to leave for our children?

Four years have gone since  Lehman Brothers went out of business!  The alert started in 2007 with the “Sub Prime crisis. The world encountered the worth financial crisis since 1929 and we  still haven’t resolved the economical crisis we are all suffering from on daily basis! Hundreds of companies have since then disappeared. Tourism in general and particularly Business events have specially have been damaged by those tragic events.

Today, we must keep our optimism and try our very best to leave a better heritage in a peaceful, joyful and full of hope world to our children!

Best wishes for 2012!

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Dec. 14, 2011: Secretary Clinton delivers remarks at the Istanbul Conference for Combating Intolerance and Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief …

September 11th – The world has changed ten years ago

posted by Lenny Spangberg @ 14:46 PM

Today, Sunday, Sept. 11th, 2011, I have a thought for my american friends who suffered from the tragedy.

Ten years have passed but I still remember exactly what I was doing at 02:30 pm when I heard on the radio what had occurred in Manhattan and later in Washington D.C.

I will never forget that particular day!

Since then, we continuously suffered from different geo-political crisis but 9/11/01 will remain the beguining of a new era.

Let’s hope for a brighter future for all of us! let’s continue to fight for Freedom and Peace!

God bless you all!!

Being and Appearance finally reconciled!

posted by Lenny Spangberg @ 13:15 PM

A friend of mine, Dr. Henry Delmar, a renowned and talented plastic surgeon has opened a new anti-ageing clinic in Cap d’Antibes, with an innovative concept based both on a medical and philosophical point of view whereby all of the criteria of the Being are taken into account: sex, age, lifestyle, nutritional environment, genetic identity… For the first time one’s appearance is seen as a consequence.

Supported by six doctors, Dr. Delmar is committed in a few days of treatment to achieve “miracles” on the appearance of each and our self-esteem. I invite you to visit his site: .

I also invite you to discover a newly published book written by Henry Delmar and Jean-Francois Mattei, ” Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique. Une chirurgie nommée désirs “, published by Odile Jacob. A fascinating book that specifically addresses the reconciliation of being and appearance.

Last point, Clinique Science & Beaute is looking for a director whose talents will focus on management and customer relations. For more information, you can contact Dr. Delmar directly or myself: [email protected] or 06 07 32 62 16.

The human nature is somewhat and sometimes strange!

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During almost 40 years, I thought I had entertained extraordinary and privileged relationships with hundreds of from all kind of origin.

Those relationships, that where in my mind real and sincere, where, in fact, for most of them, issued by what I represented and from I could bring to those people.

After more than 2 years dedicated to another life I had chosen, after having spent all those years receiving and giving, after having enjoyed wonderful experiences providing me with the greatest pleasure and happiness in providing a job well done, I wanted to spend more time in transmitting what I had learned by teaching at the University, participating in several associations that I personally cherish, in accompanying some friends and clients in the organization of their events. This is what i spend most of my time today.

I must, however, today ask myself with some bitterness about the true human nature?

Some month ago, I read again “The Prince” from Machiavelli and I published here on my website some lines which seemed to correspond to what I have encountered.

Fortunately, the true friends have remained, they will recognize themselves!

The greatest satisfaction I keep today are my fast growing two boys who I can see more often and more important support them more effectively in their studies. They are both the real joy of my life!

The challenges of life are nothing compared to how you can help your children to become successful and to enrich yourself with true and sincere friends.

Life is beautiful!!!