posted by Lenny Spangberg @ 18:29 PM

Exceptional journey can not be improvised …

For over a decade, travel – whatever it is – seems easier to be organized by anyone with the skills of specialized agencies but also through the Internet.

However, made-to-mesure trips – holiday resort, journey of discovery, or even business trip – requires great experience but also an excellent knowledge of thousands of destinations and hotels in the world, and having the contact with local correspondents who will open “the right doors”.

With nearly 40 years of travel experience around the world, I have been able to build over the years a strong and privileged relationship with some colleagues in more than 92 countries, which – thanks to the friendship that binds us and contacts that they themselves have forged with local actors -will be devoted to plan your next holiday that will remain the experience of a lifetime.

A customized trip can not be improvised, it needs many discussions with various suppliers to make it the perfect dream vacation you want. The discovery of new horizons is an increasing need to escape and to break with the everyday in a world where the dream is disappearing.

If you want to experience the exceptional, we are at your disposal to achieve it!


The future has always interested me more than the past because it is still to be lived. I like to think about the perspectives of business tourism, to lead market research, to identify sales and social opportunities, to recommend the development of a strategical tourist activity, of a region or of a country.

Project support

The dense professional network I have created thanks to my 30 year experience in the numerous business tourism trades, allows me to efficiently accompany your project.  Being the “facilitator”, as the Americans say, I can often succeed in opening doors which would otherwise remain closed.


I can be the creative input for your project, its “scriptwriter”. I like to find the idea and the concept that will make a project unique.

Conception and realisation

“Scriptwriter and Director” of your project, here are two supplementary roles which I like to take on. From the initial idea to the final production. I like to create, to co-ordinate and to personally follow a project through to its realisation.


I assure each of these services personally. I work with a small team and voluntarily dedicate myself to a few projects at a time. My fee is only invoiced on time spent. No margin is taken on the contractors, who invoice my clients directly at the best rate I can negotiate for them. This technique guarantees substantial savings and complete transparency.