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Being and Appearance finally reconciled!

posted by Lenny Spangberg @ 13:15 PM

A friend of mine, Dr. Henry Delmar, a renowned and talented plastic surgeon has opened a new anti-ageing clinic in Cap d’Antibes, with an innovative concept based both on a medical and philosophical point of view whereby all of the criteria of the Being are taken into account: sex, age, lifestyle, nutritional environment, genetic identity… For the first time one’s appearance is seen as a consequence.

Supported by six doctors, Dr. Delmar is committed in a few days of treatment to achieve “miracles” on the appearance of each and our self-esteem. I invite you to visit his site: .

I also invite you to discover a newly published book written by Henry Delmar and Jean-Francois Mattei, ” Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique. Une chirurgie nommée désirs “, published by Odile Jacob. A fascinating book that specifically addresses the reconciliation of being and appearance.

Last point, Clinique Science & Beaute is looking for a director whose talents will focus on management and customer relations. For more information, you can contact Dr. Delmar directly or myself: [email protected] or 06 07 32 62 16.

Andantino – Musique au coeur at the Villa Eilenroc

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