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A new identity for LS Consulting

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September in black suit

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Two very sad  events to be remembered  which changed the World:

  • September 11th , 2001
  • September 15th , 2008

Eleven years have passed since the tragedy of 09/11. Close to 3000 persons died during those terrorist attacks and still think about them constantly specially those who where friends and close relations. Those events have changed the world and our way of living and thinking about people for the rest of our lives!
Yes, the world has changed, the geo-political  situation is still our main concern,  what kind of future are we going to leave for our children?

Four years have gone since  Lehman Brothers went out of business!  The alert started in 2007 with the “Sub Prime crisis. The world encountered the worth financial crisis since 1929 and we  still haven’t resolved the economical crisis we are all suffering from on daily basis! Hundreds of companies have since then disappeared. Tourism in general and particularly Business events have specially have been damaged by those tragic events.

Today, we must keep our optimism and try our very best to leave a better heritage in a peaceful, joyful and full of hope world to our children!