L. Spangberg

posted by Lenny Spangberg @ 11:59 AM

My Swedish father spoke seven languages whilst my mother, of German origin, spoke nine. I have the feeling that I come from everywhere …

Travel, its numerous discoveries and encounters combined with the strong feeling of freedom that it gives me, has built my life from childhood.

 As an adult, it was vital for me to extend this pleasure, to unite work and travel, efforts and emotions.

It was a passionate professor who gave me the key of a then rising activity: business tourism. I tried my hand at many different trades as part of my apprenticeship. I carried suitcases without wheels, became the “kind and gentle travel guide” in sublime and unknown locations around the world, welcomed in Orly thousands of American clients rewarded for their hard work.

At thirty years old, my first employer who was convinced of my people skills, suggested I create a branch of his activity in provincial France. But which province… 1979 was a year for love at first site. An almost hypnotic attraction for a scintillating region, so close and yet so different, warmed by the sun… the French Riviera.

In 1987, I decided to enlarge my field of intervention and invent a new form of business tourism, more creative, touching, outstanding. I founded LSO (Lenny Spangberg Organisation), a Riviera based events management agency for international clients. Over a period of 20 years, the pioneering LSO became leader in its market, thanks to international client confidence and the loyalty of devoted collaborators.

In 2008, I had the desire to return to an emotional and personalised dimension, specific to small structures. I wanted to go back to giving my clients a “made to mesure” service, so taking the quintessence of my experience, I created LS Consulting.