Andantino celebrates its 10th anniversary!

The association Andantino for the promotion of classical music and of the Orchestre Regional de Cannes PACA, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. On this occasion, Andantino invites its members and their guests to the 23rd Rencontres cinématographique de Cannes, Wednesday 8th December at the Theatre Claude Debussy (Palais des Festival in Cannes).

The Orchestre Regional de Cannes, under the direction of conductor Philip Bender, will perform live  The Passion of Joan of Arc (opus 53) of Jo van den Booren, additional music of the film by Carl Theodor Dreyer (reconstruction of 1985).

Andantino is regularly enriched with new members, businesses of all sizes wishing to share the joy of classical music with their employees and customers, and to provide support to the Orhestre Regional de Cannes PACA.

For more information, bookings or to become a member of the association Andantino: [email protected] or +33 (0)6 07 32 62 16.